Saturday, November 14, 2009

Of chaos, coffee, and cake

I've been journaling more in the last few months, but it takes FOREVER to hand write just a few pages.  Typing is so much faster; however, in blogging I can't escape from that "aaahhhh.... someday the internet will disappear and all my words will be lost" mentality.  Fortunately, I am growing wiser in my old age (30 next week!), and have finally realised that if the disappearance of the internet becomes reality, all of my ink-written words will be gone too, as something awful and apocalyptic will have certainly transpired to cause such a cataclysm.  

Anyway... Chaos.  Today was certainly chaotic.  As usual.  Our schoolwork seemed to be all over the place this morning.  But it was all done and dusted by our post-lunch quiet time, which meant I had a few minutes to breathe in the silence, and make myself a cup of...

Coffee.  But not the real thing.  None of that... not anymore. As I've mentioned, I'm coming up to a rather important birthday (yes, 30!), and have reached the sad realisation that if there is one thing that sends me mentally insane, it's too much caffeine.  My brain jumps ahead at a ridiculous pace, confounding everyone around me, the poor people who are still on today while I've moved on to tomorrow. So I've had to make the sorrowful decision to move to decaf, and am still in mourning for my dark, instantly stimulating cup of goodness. Fortunately, I believe that sometimes it's okay to break the rules, so occasionally I do have a SMALL cup of the real thing. We're talking one a week, though, as opposed to fifty. After all, the real thing is amazing with a piece of homemade...

Cake.  Green and Black's cocoa.  Two hundred grams of G&B 85% dark chocolate in the buttercream icing.  Mom, who does not ingest caffeine at all, was unable to go to sleep one night after a tiny slice of this cake.  When I've figured out how to use blogger a bit better, I'll post the recipe.  I've made it for four weddings; it is the most dependable and universally liked cake I've ever made.  

Well, bed... Coo is waiting for a midnight feed, and I'm freezing.  We're having a rather nasty bit of weather: rain, wind, and arctic temperatures.  Do you see that? I couldn't even finish without mentioning the weather.  I've lived in the UK for way too long... we talk about it because it's so PREDICTABLE.  Warm rain.  Cold rain.  Freezing rain.  Snow mixed with rain.  

I will have three muddy little boys stamping into the house after football tomorrow!


  1. i've been thinking of switching to decaf... my dependence on caffeine to get through the day is somewhat pathetic. however, i would love to see the recipe for that cake!

    hope to see more blogs from you :)

  2. The very thing that makes our weathers such a talking point is its unpredictability, that every day can be different, and you don't know what unexpect. It doesn't rain every day! A good example is to compare October this year and last. 2008-snow. 2009-warm, DRY and pleasant. so there! ;) as for caffeine, I've been decaf for 7 years because of it causing palpatations. However, that cake sounds fab! Love your writing by the way :)


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