Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Memorable Moments

  • On Friday evening, thanks to brave babysitter H, we were able to go out for a meal at the Mango Tree with Dan's mum and stepdad.  South Indian food... mmmmn!!!  
  • Saturday morning smoothies; then Coo and I travelled to Derbyshire with friends for a day conference.  Coo spent the day in creche, in capable hands.  She was definitely ready to see me at the end, but she'd had a lovely time and was delivered with a written timetable of her activities for the day!  
  • On Sunday, my birthday, I awoke to a cup of green tea made by Righty and a box of little presents from Dan and the kids, and a Winnie-the-Pooh balloon from Mr J, who wanted it for me because we read the book together!  Presents were pens and paper, an iTunes gift card, tickets to see Iron & Wine play in B next year, a voucher from Lefty for a coffee date, and Mr J's used football ticket from the game he attended with Dan. :) 
  • Sunday morning flew by in a blur of porridge, morning church gathering, and then rounding everyone up so we could drive off to B for lunch.  There we spent the afternoon enjoying yummy food and conversations with friends, until all three boys were nearly climbing the walls and we had to give up and return home!
  • Sunday afternoon was chocolate hedgehog cake made by Dan's mum, hedgehog prickles stuck in by the kids.  
  • Sunday evening was bedtime for all miniatures and open house time with lots of friends and homemade cakes, which were yummy.  However, the best by far was Dan's homemade baked cheesecake, recipe here. Presents included many cards, an ever-growing Green and Black's chocolate stash, scented candles and a candle holder, handmade mug cosy, and a winter scarf with pockets... and a matching dreadie hat!
  • Monday started bright and early with Maths lessons, breakfast, and another trip to Birmingham; Dan and the kids dropped me off to have my locks maintained by Cristina.  Nice afternoon of dreading and conversation!
  • Monday evening seemingly inexhaustible Nanny and Grandad showed up to babysit children while Dan and I were off to the Yardbird to see Rue Royale, and meet up with friends.  RR were amazing, as usual, in spite of being jet-lagged; however, I was beginning to flag after a very social weekend.  Happy to chug down still-hot coffee from my new insulated mug, on our drive home, and climb into bed at midnight.  Getting out of bed this Tuesday morning was a challenge.

And now, I'm looking forward to this weekend, spent almost entirely at home.

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  1. Sounds like a very busy birthday weekend. I hope you enjoyed it dear.
    Love to you and all. I pray your
    Thanksgiving time is filled with
    thanks giving.


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