Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'm not sure why, but when I took this photo of a shrub in our garden, it turned out blue.  This is exactly the colour the boys were feeling when told that our Christmas church celebration was cancelled, because the recent four-inch snowfall has wreaked havoc on car parks everywhere.  Of course, if someone slips up in a car park and is hurt, British Health and Safety will be transgressed to the utmost.  I'm probably inviting ire here but does anyone in the UK actually own a snow shovel, and if so, are they capable of using it?  I suppose we could always find one first and set the example! 


  1. You sound as if you grew up in upstate New York where they go after 4 inches of snow with a broom. Oh well, better there than in the State of Alabama where they close down after a half inch of snow and that is mainly so the experts can come and determine what it is. I think blue is beautiful. It usually means about 6 below zero as well.

  2. Glacial meltwater is blue due to the oxygen being squeezed out of it or something... (i have a geography a level - honest)

    Was quite surreal standing on the Athabasca Glacier in Canada and seeing the blue meltwater streams... I remember the trepidation in tasting it, as if it might taste any different...

  3. In fact ignore my theory on blue melt water, upon researching my claim (it's busy at work today...) i was wrong...

  4. Nice to hear you were that interested, and had to give up some of your precious work time to research it! :)

    This is what I found:


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