Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Projects

So many people are talking about New Year's resolutions.

Being perfect, I never bother.  

Now that you've all stopped laughing, let me assure you that I've actually never even thought about making New Year's resolutions in my life.  Why?  If I need to change something in myself or in a practical area in my life, I make the resolution to change right then and there.  There's no WAY I'd wait until New Year's to do it!  I'm not a naturally patient person.

So while everyone else is making these resolutions revolving around diet, spending, travelling, exercise, whatever, I'm off in a fairy corner of my brain with something entirely different: my list of projects for this next month!

They're super organised, too.  In a messy pile on top of my sewing machine.  

I'm hoping that detailing them here will help inspire me to finish everything during January!

  • Skirt for Coo
This will be constructed from a tangerine-coloured ladies' skirt with a broken zipper.  

This project is already started, as the skirt is no longer the golden orange you see above.  I put it through a green dye wash.

I love the rich, woody shades that emerged from the dye wash!  Not much to do on this one.  Just a bit of sewing and drawstring or elastic waist-making.

  • Woollies for Coo
These are originating from a dark purple woollen jumper which was intentionally shrunk to create a tighter and warmer knit.  It should have shrunk more but though 100 percent wool, was obviously pre-treated to prevent shrinkage.

The arms of the jumper will be the legs of the woollies.  I will lanolize them when I'm finished so they will be waterproof.  Coo can wear them outdoors underneath dresses and stay toasty warm and dry.  Just because our snow has melted definitely does not mean spring is on the way!  

  • Camera Case
No, it is not a yarmulke; we're not Jewish.  If we were, it would be a great one.  But we're not.  It's my husband's favourite wool beanie.  Except he can no longer wear it.  Note the thickly felted texture.  Yes, I shrunk it!  Accidentally, of course.

So what better to do with it than make a camera case for my camera?  Fully lined with a plain cotton material to stop the wool fibres from scratching the camera; wool will be the perfect cushion for my small camera.

  • That Jumper for Mr J

This is the one I'm always talking about finishing but never do.  I've decided he will be wearing it in February, so I must finish it in January.  Front and back are completed, and the hint of knitting appearing on the needles in the photo is a few inches of one sleeve.  Not much to do here, either, apart from stop procrastinating.

I'm off now to do just that, and work on that never-finished jumper!


  1. I wish I were more handy with sewing projects. I've had a pillow project on the go for about four months now and an embroidery project I started two years ago!

  2. "Handy" is probably the best word to describe my sewing skills! I love looking at other people's more advanced sewing projects; see the link in my post "Photography" for the Pleasant View Schoolhouse blog. Anna is an accomplished seamstress and it's quite inspiring to see her quite complicated creations!


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