Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Snowman

Mr J and Daddy created him yesterday from our recent two inches of snow, and his name is James.  He already has a stocking hung in a place of honour. I'm not sure if it has occurred to Mr J that James might melt if our freezing weather deserts us.  We may need to re-read The Snowman!


  1. Anonymous3:19 pm

    James looks a bit like a dog I used
    to know who would be clothed and pushed in a baby stroller. But then
    again, Brownie, wasn't white. Sometimes his little beard would get into the snow and get white. Maybe that is why James reminds me of Brownie. He has a white beard.

  2. Grammy7:58 pm

    Grammy loves Mr. J and his snowman, James. Maybe Mummy or Daddy could put James in the freezer.

  3. James does resemble that dog! I see it...
    And our snowman last year, Kevin, lasted days after the freeze lifted. He was a little bit creepy, to be honest.

  4. i just tapped into your blog and I love reading it!! I absolutely love the snowman...cute fella! :)

  5. Thanks, Angela. Happy to hear you like reading my blog; I like writing it! :)


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