Tuesday, January 04, 2011

January Reflections: Stillness

Stillness... I treasure it.  

I am not one of those mamas who gets up an hour before her children in order to have some stillness in her day. (Please don't judge me; five a.m. is just too early for me!)

Stillness is not the same as quiet.  Sometimes quiet does descend on our house, and it's always a beautiful thing.  But stillness is different.  It's resting.  Peaceful.  Calm.  Rare.

Stillness is not moving.  Not thinking too much.  Listening to those ever-present questions in my mind being answered with a "not now".  And then just being at peace.  

Ideally all while holding a fresh cup of very hot coffee.  There's something about coffee... even the rich scent of it stops me and helps me to relax.  

Our downstairs is Narnia right now and there are sounds of a violent battle taking place, with wooden swords clanking together, while bursts of groaning and painful yells punctuate the air.

Coffee in hand, I'm on my way upstairs to escape the melee and enjoy Coo's nap time with some stillness.

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