Friday, September 16, 2011

Birthday Eating

Righty and Lefty's birthday menu becomes more and more elaborate, as years are added to their age and inches to their height.  Last year we ate well.  This year, even better.

They decided a few months ago, in that all-important "what will we have for our birthday tea?" conversation, that they wanted three kinds of curry.  After much discussion, I helped them settle on a spicy red lentil dhal, milder chicken biryani, and chana sag -a chickpea and spinach curry.

We also ate a crunchy green salad made by Nanny, and followed up this enormous meal with a choice of Lefty's "birthday cake": apple and blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream, or Righty's: chocolate Guinness cake.

The "what would we like for our birthday presents?" talk never happened.  I think they've mostly acquired birthday money, plus a game to share, new books, chocolate, and tea mugs. [complete with mug cosies!]

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  1. "Excelentes opciones cena y el postre, muchachos!
    Looks yum, mum."


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