Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dear Santa

Because you all know how much I love the consumeristic season that is once again rushing towards us at the speed of a freight train, full of selfishness; debt; and spending; I thought I'd write out my wish list to Santa as a blog post.

Dear Santa,
For Christmas this year, I'd like to be able to walk through town and see people carrying their toddlers and laughing with them, instead of shouting and swearing at them while they lug heavy carrier bags full of plastic toys which will eventually end up as floating waste somewhere in the Pacific.  
For Christmas this year, I'd like to see people giving each other time.  It's something we never seem to have enough of.  I want people to come round to my house for a hot drink and a chat and empty hands, instead of armfuls of presents and a hurried chat before rushing away.
For Christmas this year, I'd like to receive some simple things I need from people who can give them, but won't, because they're not "proper" presents.  Such as haircuts for my kids and a fresh coat of paint in the boys' room.
For Christmas this year, I'm hoping that my family and friends will be happy with presents we're choosing to give: vouchers for home-cooked meals and homemade cake; fresh Christmas cookies; and time.
For Christmas this year, I'm most looking forward to individual hours spent with each of my children, shopping for necessaries for their siblings and continuing conversations about how much more important giving is than receiving.  I'm looking forward to baking together and decorating the house for the season; and planning how we'll spend our St Nicholas money this year.
For Christmas this year, I'm hoping that our industrialised world's temporary frugality in the face of recession becomes a way of life. I'm hoping that the current trend towards simplicity is more than just a fad.
Because people are more important than stuff.
All of it.
Santa, you don't qualify, as you're not real.  You're sadly nothing more than a validation to spend money we don't have on more stuff we don't need.
I'll be addressing any further correspondence to Nicholas, the patron saint of giving, instead of to you, the patron saint of receiving.  


  1. Santa was humiliated by your unselfish remarks and requests. He has, therefore, destroyed the gift list he had for your house and is trying feverishly to ascertain if this sentiment is more universal than simply YOU. If he determines it IS a trend in today's society, he is afraid he may have to put 8 tiny reindeer out for let and turn a very old sleigh into some sort of lamp or yard decoration.

  2. He could drop them off here; the boys would have a blast playing with the miniature animals, and we'd much rather have a sleigh on the sledging slopes than a plastic sled! In the three inches of snow we'll have this winter... :)

  3. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Oh Erin, I love this so!!! We are deciding upon our own solstice and Yuletide traditions and so I must have a telephone consultation with you about making Arty a stocking, it's the only thing I have promised myself I will make for the season! I love all of the wishes, maybe you should turn it into a very unique Christmas card of your own?! Much love to all of you xxxxxx

  4. Yes, Ruth, definitely! I can trace a paper pattern for you if you like and send it to you; they're really simple to make. Talk soon. :)

  5. Anonymous4:01 am

    I love the way you express yourself when you write. This was awesome. I hope my family will be living like this and spend time together.:)I love you all so much.

  6. This is the best letter to Santa ever!
    I popped round from journeymama.

  7. Glad you've all enjoyed this! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. :)

  8. So refreshing...meaningful time with family and friends is something money can't buy. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

  9. Love this! My letter to Santa would probably look pretty darn similar! :)

  10. Thanks, Beth! Glad to know I'm not alone in my Santa woes. :)


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