Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Evaluating a "Normal" Day

  • Paper chain making, initiated by Righty.
  • Practising German phrases together for our current Story of the World chapter about the rise of Prussia.  Colouring Prussian flags.
  • Writing in our journals about our long November visit from Grammy, Grandpa, and Uncle Nathan.  Mr J both draws and writes. 
  • Math Board quizzes. Times three boys, all at different levels.  Twenty minutes for each boy.  Then twenty minutes each of Volcanic Panic maths. That's forty minutes of non-stop math problems and they thought they were just playing games on the laptop!
  • Lefty and Righty playing "Lord of the Rings" Risk with Daddy.
  • Tidying away our Suma order into the under-the-stairs cupboard: a time-consuming but rewarding task.  [Maybe not so much when I did this the day after I gave birth to Coo!]  Had a coffee with our driver and enjoyed hearing from him all about how rewarding it is to work for a company like Suma, a true workers' cooperative.
  • Kevin, our enormous stainless steel pot, is 3/4 full of chickpea vegetable curry... mmm!! [look for "Spicy Chickpeas" recipe.]
  • Looking forward to eating together with our community tonight and "share and prayer" - our cheesy term for... um, sharing and praying!
  • Consoling a sad, teething Coo.  Amazing how just the thought of chocolate rice milk can cheer up a sore-gummed toddler!

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