Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pancake Day

Our children have a wonderful understanding of their bi-cultural background on days like Pancake Day [Shrove Tuesday... today!] Since our family is both English and American, we must have both types of pancakes.  Who can argue with that?  Or wants to. 

First, we enjoyed English pancakes for lunch.  Coo helped whisk them into existence.

These are thin and crepe-like.  We ate them with a filling of chopped apples and cinnamon... yummy!  The recipe is very easy: beat five eggs, add a tablespoon of maple syrup and 300 ml of milk, two cups of plain flour [I used wholemeal spelt], and another 300 ml of milk mixed with 100 ml water.  Whisk well and allow the mixture to sit for about five minutes before cooking on a hot, buttered frying pan.  One large spoonful, spread carefully, should make one thin golden circle of goodness.

For tea, we moved on to heavier fare: "proper" American pancakes.  The recipe for these can be found on my recipe page.  Today, I added mixed spice and cinnamon for extra flavour.  We ate them very traditionally, stacked with maple syrup.

So yes, we enjoyed our pancakes today.  But what about the Daddy, currently on day 21 of his raw food detox?  

He had rainbow crudites, with beetroot and carrot salad and raw houmous, topped off with a lovely whole tomato.  Mmmm.  I think his food looks the tastiest!

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  1. That salad plate DOES look so good!!

    I woke up and eventually remembered it was Pancake Day and got all excited...I'm just going to make crepes as we have the other sort more often normally. I've got some Meyer lemons and powdered sugar...so a simple celebration - haven't decided what I'm going to 'give up' possibly chocolate as I used the last beautiful Green and Blacks bar you sent yesterday making cookies.

    When I was at school a friends mom used to always make our class Scottish Pancakes..(they are small like Dutch ones), so I might try finding a recipe for those.


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