Thursday, March 01, 2012

World Book Day Fun

What a way to start the day: early morning astronomy with Daddy.

We moved on, kicking off World Book Day 2012 by a trip to our local Waterstones, traipsing home in time for lunch, carrying goody bags and clutching new Where's Wally? books.

After quiet time, we transformed into our favourite characters from our favourite books [of the moment].  Yep, me too! Coo and I are Elizabeth and Jane, from Pride and Prejudice. I didn't feel like arguing with her over this one, even those Elizabeth is definitely my preferred character from P&P. So yes, I gave up my favourite character to a two-year-old. She is holding up an adorable Baby Austen version of the classic.  Also, from left to right, we have Legolas, from The Two Towers; Mr Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit; and, striking a smouldering pose, Eragon, from the book of the same name. 

Other home educating friends came to visit, and we did a long book-sharing session together.  Miss Elizabeth Bennett listened to everyone beautifully.

Below is Eragon, reading a selection from his book. Other characters who shared with us included Max, of Where the Wild Things Are, complete with perfect mama-made costume; Anne, from Anne of Green Gables; and sisters telling us about their current favourite book series The Famous Five.  

On to everyone's favourite part of the afternoon: food time! Our snacks today were inspired by our favourite books. Anne brought a delicious fruit cake, made all by herself; and the Famous Five sisters' mummy had adventurously made homemade ginger beer. With our predominantly Middle Earth theme, we had to have lembas. However as lembas is an Elvish food, and I don't have any Elvish friends to ask for the recipe, I made naan bread instead, brushing a swath of maple syrup on top for the sweetness that Lefty assures me is so necessary for an authentic flavour.

Mr Baggins said his lembas tasted just right!  And from my experience, you can't argue with a hobbit.

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