Sunday, May 13, 2012

American Mother's Day

I had a lovely day on English Mother's Day.  But today is my mom's day.

Three things about my mother that I'm thankful for:
  • She breastfed me in an era when it was not popularly accepted.  As a result, it was the most natural thing in the world for me to be able to choose to feed my own babies.  
  • She let me learn from home, "home schooling" me and my siblings.  We had a lot of freedom and plenty of time to develop our own interests and creativity.
  • She's a brilliant Grammy. She reads stories aloud, plays fun card games, and has plenty of good ideas for things to do with her grandchildren.
Thank you, Mom.  I love you lots!


  1. Rebecca Goss3:07 pm

    Happy mother's day to one of my second moms too!

  2. Thank you Erin. It has been wonderful being a mom to our six children, you being being the first!!! I am so grateful for all my fantastic grandchildren as well.
    Thanks, Rebecca, for thinking of me! Maybe one day we will see each other again:)


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