Monday, May 07, 2012

Creative Inspiration... where I find it

Creative inspiration.  Sometimes it can be elusive; other days I'm overwhelmed with it!

I read others' blogs for about five years before investing time into writing my own.  With a blog list of around thirty regulars that I catch up on as often as their writers post, there's a wealth of inspiration waiting for me every time I sit down with my laptop.  [You can find a short list of these in the lower left-hand corner of my home page.] New recipes, writing ideas, beautiful photos taken in places I'll never see, homeschooling, parenting values, handmade creativity, and general life inspiration is right there for the reading, thanks to those who choose to share their lives with us through blogging.  My life is often very different from the ones of those I like to read about, and it's a great way of reminding myself of the enormous diversity of people in the world, thanks to a creative God.

Most bloggers link to their favourite sites and blogs, and by clicking on a link even by accident, often I can wind my way through an online feast of new ideas in just a few minutes.

Apart from blogging, I love receiving my daily Etsy updates on new items and trends; these have often led to quick purchases I would otherwise have spent hours searching for online. Fun finds have included a crochet hook for my dreads [made by Emily], glass straws, dread beads, camera bag, laptop case, and vintage shoes.  Time spent on Etsy has also given me the inspiration for replicating what I've seen being sold. Coo's Waldorf doll and my tee-shirt skirt are two examples of things I've seen on Etsy that I knew I could make myself.  It's also a great place to locate supplies: fabric, wooden and glass beads, wool, and the bamboo knitting needles that I prefer over metal.  I always check Etsy first before Amazon. While Amazon is often marginally cheaper, I don't mind paying extra [within reason] to support the independent crafters and artisans who are the backbone of the entire Etsy idea. 

I never find myself at a loss for ideas in decorating our home.  My particular preference for the way our home feels and looks is very personal, and I don't see it changing very much even with the passage of time. I love splashes of bright colour, warm walls, handmade decorations, candles, and light.  Apartment therapy is a site I love to return to for new ideas, particularly ones about making the most of living in small spaces. We love our 30 Day Clutter Bootcamp and return to it often when needing to rid ourselves of extra stuff.

Friends, family, and memories are wells of creative inspiration. Books, devotionals, and historical narratives also provide me with endless resources for creative possibilities.  

But there are times when I need to stop myself from taking in all that stimulation from my surroundings.  My own creative mind, characterised by an originality that distinguishes me from someone else, is often full of unspoken thoughts and ideas about what I can create next. I've found that if I become too wrapped up in others' ideas, I forget about my own personal capability for original creativity.  For example, if I try out too many new recipes, I don't remember how much I enjoy making up my own.  Doing a quick inventory of available ingredients; thinking about just the right combination of colours, smells, tastes, textures; balancing nutrition with taste.  Returning to raw creativity [as in, my own] is the most exciting, inspiring feeling I've ever experienced!

What about you?  Where do you find your creative inspiration?

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