Sunday, June 24, 2012

Third Birthday Interview with Coo

I've enjoyed doing these interviews with my kids over the past year.  This is Coo's first ever interview!

Coo has the longest attention span of any of my children yet. She will easily sit for hours while someone reads aloud to her. Incredibly self-sufficient, she'll happily play on her own or simply jump on the trampoline while I work with the boys. She loves to draw, just like her buddy Mr J, and, completely of her own initiative, has chosen to learn to write, capable of copying out names I've written down. Her instant response to music is to dance, and she loves watching online short clips from ballets. She values spending time with people, and has a gift for connecting with others and drawing them into her life.  

Will you answer a few questions for me?

What are some of the things you want to do when you are big like Mummy?
I don't know [she picks up my almost-empty cup of black coffee and finishes it off]

What do you love the most?
Dancing, and jumping on the trampoline by myself

Which books are your favourites?
Bread and Jam For Frances and The Tale of Mrs Tiggywinkle

What are your favourite colours?
I like purple and red and pink

Who are your big friends?
Hannah [Segelov], Hannah [Kemp - also known as "More Hannahs"], Hannah [Clark --only met her once, but must have made an impression on her!], Hannah Stone, Kemp, and James

Who are your little friends?
Catherine, Finlay, Louis, Amelia, Eve and Faith

What do you like to eat?
The pizza that you make, cashews, smoothies, icing, chocolate

What makes you happy?
Watching ballet

What makes you sad?
My sore finger

When you have dreams, what do you dream about?
I dream about fairies and I see some

What do you like to do with Righty?
I like to share sweets with him

What do you like to do with Lefty and Mr J?
I like to chase them

What do you like to do with Daddy?
I like to go to Costa Coffee with Daddy

What do you like to do with me?
Help you

What do I do all day?
You do some fun stuff

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  1. A birthday interview is such great idea! When they are a Senior in high school you could have them all put into a book and give it to them. What a keepsake that would be!


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