Thursday, August 02, 2012

Blueberry Picking

These four did an amazing job picking blueberries this morning!  Before we started, we told them that whatever we could pick in an hour, we'd be buying, so it was up to them: lots of blueberries or just a few blueberries.  They fell to work with surprising speed.  It rained for a while, yet we kept picking; sheltering underneath the berry bushes, we cleared off every single ripe blueberry we could find. Between the six of us, we managed 6.3kg!  I'm now in the process of washing them and freezing them in big glass jars. And of course, Coo and I had to read Blueberries for Sal tonight before bed.  This was the fourth year in a row that we've gone on family blueberry picking trips, and judging by the amount we managed to bring home today, I think this is the only one we'll be making this summer!


  1. Anonymous12:40 am

    Yum! Growing up in upstate NY, we always went apple picking. Those are very good memories. Also, in our house, we always freeze the blueberries...they are great over cereal still frozen! Yum!

    1. No way! Growing up in upstate NY, WE always went apple picking too! Hmmm... where were you upstate?


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