Monday, October 15, 2012

Literary Constipation

Yep, I have it.  Just diagnosed myself this evening.  Can't blog, can't finish sentences, can't even write e-mails. 

So... I'm giving myself a bit of a break.  I'll leave you with this until I'm back.

Dan's birthday suddenly appeared on the horizon, and I felt inspired to make this raw chocolate cheesecake recipe from Sweetly Raw.  It was delicious, and I can highly recommend it!


  1. I had to LOL at your diagnosis - literary constipation! I have been afflicted with it in the past, as well. Taking a nice, long break is undoubtedly the best remedy.

  2. I think I need a new book to read, too. I've been totally wiped out by 1984, so preferably one with a cheerier theme! Any suggestions are welcome. :)

  3. Ooh! I have one. It's a very British novel by Julia Stuart: The Tower, The Zoo, and the Tortoise. I loved this book so much.

    Have you ever read any of Sharon Owens' books? She is Irish and her stories are just fun and light. I especially like The Tavern on Maple Street.

  4. Thanks, Melissa! Going to check at the library for these. :)


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