Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cookie Decorating with the Littles

We decorated cookies today: Mr J, Coo, and I.  

First, they ate cookies and icing until they were tired of sugar. Mr J began to decorate cookies in earnest after consuming two cookies.

Coo ate half of a cookie piled with pale green icing and sugar sprinkles, licked the remaining icing from the rest of the cookie, and then decided she was ready to start decorating, too.

I explained that because we were decorating cookies for other people, we didn't need to keep tasting the icing on every single cookie; and also, it wasn't wise to lick our fingers and then use them to put sugar sprinkles on the iced cookies.  With these simple boundaries in place, the rest of the cookie decorating came off without a hitch, and we ended up with these lovely sugary treats to share with our friends tomorrow.

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