Saturday, December 22, 2012

Little Fairy's Christmas... a book review

This was our second new book to make it into our Winter Books basket, a treat from our Advent Box.

It's a gentle, slow tale, more for Coo than anyone else in the family.  Well... for her and me. 

Soft, dreamy illustrations accompany the simple tale of Little Fairy, who's lost in the wood, far from home.  Her wings are freezing and her feet are bare.  A giving thread weaves its way through the story, as an owl gifts Little Fairy a bag containing the most adorable fairy boots and "thick woollen stockings" and Little Fairy later uses this bag to wrap round an elf child she meets, also cold and lost in the forest.

Father Christmas arrives to save the day and give them a lift to the elf-child's home, where Little Fairy stays to take part in the family's Christmas celebrations.  

The three boys politely sat still and listened for the first reading of our new book, then bounded off to their own respective books as soon as it was finished.  But Coo and I read it again, and again, and again. 

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