Monday, December 03, 2012

Using the Soap Mould

A beautiful, untreated pine soap mould was my birthday present from Dan.

And the first time I've used it?  Tonight, for a recipe I've not tried yet until now: a blend of coconut oil, palm oil, avocado butter, cocoa butter, and shea butter.  Fragranced with woody patchouli, sharp sage, flowery lavender, warm clove and spicy cinnamon essential oils, this batch smells deliciously and distinctly Christmasy.

I chatted with Dan's mum, put Coo in her bed, and had a short pause to make a cup of coffee to drink halfway through, but managed to combine the lye solution and the melted fat without the aid of my digital thermometer, which died a watery death when I dropped it into dishwater last week.  Instead, my old-fashioned candy thermometer worked just as well --better, even!

Soap-making = addictive.  Who knew? But I guess I could have chosen worse things to become addicted to!

The windows are frosty with cold, the sky is clear and well-lit by a bright moon, and the Christmas tree casts a relaxing, warm glow around me as I sit here in our silent lounge, writing.

The satisfying thought of fresh soap saponifying and cooling in the new soap mould just makes the evening perfect; and now the news of a royal baby on the way, too!  I think it will be a girl; but we shall see...

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