Thursday, January 03, 2013

Easy All-Purpose Vinegar Cleaning Spray

This is my "go to" cleaning spray. We use this for windows, mirrors, stove, quick clean-up after spills [particularly sticky ones] and as a clean-scented finish for deep cleaning. After scrubbing sinks, toilets, bath, shower, and floors with a bowl of hot water and a few drops of Bio-D multi-purpose cleaner, it's time to get out this vinegar spray! Scented with anti-bacterial tea tree and your favourite essential oils, it smells lovely!


1) You'll need a sturdy, clean spray bottle.

2) Fill bottle with three parts filtered water to one part vinegar. [I use unfiltered apple cider vinegar, so I have to strain it first!]

3) Add 20 drops tea tree oil and 30 drops of any other essential oil you like.  Depending on what scent I prefer at the moment, I'll use sage, lavender, patchouli, and lemongrass.  This is quite a lot of essential oils, so you can reduce the amount if you want.  I like a strongly-scented spray.

4) Screw the spray attachment onto the top and give the bottle a good shake.  Enjoy your fresh-smelling, homemade spray cleaner!

Note: When cleaning glass, I use a rough terry cloth with this spray.  Paper towels don't work as well, and I don't like using extra paper products if I don't have to!

Making this vinegar spray almost ten years ago was part of my initial journey into eco-friendly cleaning. Gradually, the number of cleaning products in my cupboard were reduced, and it was amazing!  No more "bleach" headaches or sore skin from strong, chemical cleaning solutions. Bio-D multi-purpose cleaner, Bio-D toilet cleaner, and this vinegar spray are the only cleaning products left in my cupboard.  The kids have grown up without daily exposure to chemicals, and have never had problems with skin or food allergies.  We don't catch any more colds and tummy bugs than everyone else even with our lack of "anti-bacterial" products; in fact, we probably suffer from them proportionately less than most people I know.


  1. Thanks Erin, this was awesome. I would definitely add lavender or patchouli, my two most favourite scents in this world!

  2. They're a wonderful blend, too; the earthiness of the patchouli balances out the more flowery lavender! :)


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