I sell baby feelie blankets, tie-dyed up-cycled baby clothes, natural artisan soaps and body care products, soy candles, and fabric bunting at events local to me or through custom orders. Soap and candles are also available for purchase at Cherry Ghost Coffeehouse in Washington, Indiana. 

I will post within the US and internationally, so contact me if you are not local to me and would like to purchase something. Please use my gmail address for e-mails; thank you!

Coffeebeings Handmade
Erin Maley



I began making my own cold-process soap because I wanted an affordable, long-lasting, pure soap for my family to use that did not contain fragrance oils, something many “natural” soaps still have.

Cold-process soap-making has since become one of my favourite hobbies. I've experimented with many soap recipes over the years and settled on a few that we really like! I use only these best-loved soap recipes for my handcrafted soap range, choosing simple combinations of high-quality ingredients that are nourishing for the skin.

No fragrance oils, perfumes, or artificial scents.  Scented only with steam-distilled essential oils.
No dyes or artificial colors.  Colored naturally with spices, herbs, coffee, or tea.
No animal products or byproducts.  100% vegan.
No palm oil.

Coconut Clean: 100% coconut oil soap with handmade, organic coconut milk-- no essential oils
Coffee Cream: Shea & cocoa butter soap-- ground coffee for cleansing and exfoliation, no essential oils
Earth: Shea butter soap-- woody, patchouli-citrus scent
English Pomander: shampoo soap-- citrus and spice
Irish Stout: Shea & cocoa butter soap made with Guinness stout-- strong & spicy
Apothecary [rosemary & mint]; Marmalade [orange] & Sunshine [lemon]: Calendula-infused oils with ground calendula added make these soaps a treat for bath or shower. 
Midwinter's Eve: Shea butter soap-- woodsy scent
Peace: Shea butter soap-- sweet lavender scent


  • 100% clean-burning soy wax
  • No dyes
  • Phlalate-free fragrances formulated for burning
  • Lead-free cotton wicks

Want to learn to make your own? Check out my blog post on making your own container candles.


I make all types: mini, one-sided, and reversible.  These are my #1 custom order-- particularly the reversible!


  1. I am interested in what types of custom baby items you make...my best friend just had a little girl...looking for something special for her for Christmas. Thanks Trish

    1. Hi Trish, I sent you an email with more information! :)


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