Saturday, May 26, 2007

Little brown girl

Dan, Matt, and I went to see Aradhna play tonight in Birmingham. 

During a time of meditation during a particularly long song, as people drifted to the side to take communion, and others sat silently praying, I found myself becoming contemplative. Why is India so close to us? (not just from my brief travel there in 2001, and Dan's stint of study in India) But, what is it about India that connects with both of us? And why?... I always want to know the answers to these universal questions that don't usually get answered for me. I like to see connections and patterns in life; but sometimes there just isn't one to be seen! 

As I sat tonight in St Martin's church, though, listening to the plaintive sounds of the sitar and tabla, asking "why", a clear picture rose in front of me. I saw a little girl, with black curly hair, dark brown eyes, and chocolatey brown skin. "This is why"... I don't think this is a near future thing for us, as we are in no position to adopt at the moment. It is merely the sowing of a seed that may take years to bear fruit. Lefty's previously expressed wish to have a "little brown one" in our family comes to mind. I didn't realise it might become a reality but now I feel my heart is open to the possibility, which is probably just the beginning.

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