Thursday, May 24, 2007

What cake shall it be?

Thinking about cakes.

I am making lemon cake and chocolate cherry fudge cake for J's christening (and little banana cupcakes too). 

Steve's birthday cake is going to be a lemon cheesecake as usual. 

It will be chocolate fudge for Mark in a few weeks. 

Trying to decide what to do for K's birthday cake next week. I've not yet made a birthday cake for him. I've been consulting the great Nigella. So far I'm still stuck in the chocolate pages. Should it be chocolate cheesecake, or chocolate Guinness cake (with cream cheese icing), or tropical chocolate cake (with coconut meringue-y icing), or "Rococoa Cake" (cake version of tiramasu)... I still cannot decide. 

I know all of you out there (yes, all - what, two of you?) who read this don't really CARE what kind of cake I make, as long as I make one!

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