Sunday, August 29, 2010

What do Mary Poppins and ballet have in common?

Trust me, I will find a link.

This is what we're reading aloud right now:

It's a children's book... a classic.  And last night we read a freaky, freaky chapter.

The Boys didn't register the creepiness at all.  But I sure did.

A decorative Royal Doulton china plate with a painted scene cracks when naughty Jane throws her paintbox at it.  Two little boys from the plate wearing old-fashioned clothes come to life and invite her into the plate scene.  Jane goes, somewhat reluctantly, an impending sense of horror growing... and is held captive in a frightening old house in the PAST with three other children who have never grown up and an ancient grandfather who has a scary laugh until Mary Poppins arrives in the nick of time to rescue her before she is doomed to forever be a child in the creepy house in the past!

PLEASE, can we read Winnie-the-Pooh again, like we did last summer?  I love Winnie-the-Pooh.  I'm not bragging, but I have different voices for Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl, Kanga, and Roo.  Sometimes Roo and Piglet sound a bit similar, and often Pooh gets a little Eeyore-ish.  But The Boys are always quick to remind me; "That's Eeyore's voice, Mummy, not Pooh's!" or, "You are doing the wrong voice for Owl!"

With my kids, I'm re-reading all my favourite books from childhood, and it's even better reading them as an adult!

I have a long list of to-reads for myself.  They're all books I haven't gotten around to reading; mainly because I don't have them yet... here's a few:

Okay, that last one is not entirely truthful.

I found it on my Amazon page because several years ago, when I was still taking ballet lessons, I bought the New York City Ballet workout DVDs.  They are were great.  I just don't have much room in my house for ballet practice. And my knees click. Horribly.

I would love to go back to ballet class, but I am worried that Miss K, my fearless instructor, has died.  If she hasn't, she will tap her stick on the floor, and wonder aloud in her crackly voice: Where have YOU been, young lady?

Oh, no where, really.  Just here.  Giving birth at home, homeschooling, cooking-from-scratch-nearly-every-single-meal, sewing, knitting, baking, cleaning almost non-stop, doing endless laundry for a household of six, feeding our community (not all at once usually but sometimes!), writing (in fits and starts), making cards for Christmas and birthdays, listening, ignoring, talking, being silent...

However, if I am going to be really really honest... and seeing as this is my blog I'm going to be...

If I add up all the time at Starbucks, all the time at Costa Coffee, all the time spent preparing cafetieres, single cup filter coffees, and the good old coffee maker, it would probably add up to an hour a week. Just enough time for a ballet lesson.

Just one a week, Miss K.

Now, what to do about those creaking knees, though!  How embarrassing...

And Miss K... you are so, so old.  It's almost as if you've lived forever.

A bit like the freakishly old grandfather from that chapter in Mary Poppins Comes Back!!!

See, I told you I'd find a link.

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