Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I would rather...

I made this one very difficult for myself.

However, our weather has made the decision for me.

I've been freezing cold all day, in spite of a constant succession of hot drinks and a similar succession of adding layers.  I even (eeek!) put the heating on earlier, in the afternoon.  I noticed Coo's skin was cool despite her layers and realised I needed to break down and just do it.

So yes, today I'm going with 2... Mexican food after a day of walking in the heat.  Real warmth seems like such a faraway sensation that it's overriding my natural love for cosy cold and thus I'm leaving behind choice number 1.

K, in China, notes that she can make Mexican food anytime, and she just wants to feel COLD!  My mom has also chosen number 1, with a few of her own creative variations.

Seriously, real Mexican food, as in Mi Pueblo Mexican, seems so yummy right now that my mouth is watering.

I'm leaving you with a link to a fun blog that will inspire any of you who love to sew.  Some of you Americans might have already heard of this blogger.  Here she is... 365 days. 365 items of clothing. 365 dollars

Two recycled clothing projects are currently waiting patiently for me, sprawled across my sewing machine case.  One is a remake, the other a dye job.  I'll post pics when I'm finished!

Just off to grab the knitting now, though; must finish Mr J's jumper in time for Christmas or it will be too small for him and turn into a Christmas 2013 present for Coo!

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