Monday, October 18, 2010

"Would you rather..." Monday

So, I'm participating in "Would you rather" Monday... 

Would you rather...

1) Take a long walk in frosty, nippy air on a cloudy autumn day, walking through fields and forest; to return home with numb toes and fingers... a steaming hot cup of coffee and a cozy afghan nest awaiting you?


2) Trek through a few miles of sandy, dry southwestern terrain on a boiling hot day, with sun illuminating everything brilliantly; and return home in the cooler evening to icy drinks and a spicy Mexican dinner?

Not easy for me, this one.  Initially, I'd say the first one, but I LOVE Mexican food, so...

You let me know which you'd rather do, and tomorrow I'll tell you what I'd pick, and why! :)


  1. I would choose #1, but make a few changes...a cup of homemade hot cocoa and a cozy afghan nest full of grandchildren, ready to listen to some of my favorite picture books.(We just had a wonderful meal of homemade chicken enchiladas, corn/bean salad with blue corn chips, salsa, and green salad.)Mom

  2. I caught the smell of a green walnut today as I was walking and suddenly I was back in a warm kitchen with mom fussing over her Thanksgiving dinner as dad came in the door with the smell of green walnuts on his clothes from cracking walnuts and bringing her the goodies for homemade chocolate chip cookies. It was only an instant and then it was gone..never to be again.


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