Monday, November 01, 2010

Reading Corner

There are many library memories hidden away in the recesses of my mind, but this one is so vague that it's tricky.  I might have dreamed it, or day-dreamed it, or wished it.  Anyhow, I am recalling a library corner that had a round wicker basket of toys and some of those large soft cube-shaped cushions.  I remember sitting in this corner holding a beginner's reader called Owl at Home, by Arnold Lobel;  I'm not sure if I'm actually reading it in the memory or just looking at the pictures.

I love the idea of a reading corner.  There's something so cosy about a place of comfort set aside just for reading.  It's the furthest from reality for me, nowadays, when I'm reading.  

For instance, today I finished Crazy Love, by Francis Chan.  It was on my to-read list here, ages ago, so I'm excited that I've finally finished something from this list!  So, I'm finishing up this book and playing with Coo and the ancient Fisher Price Little People at the same time.  The floor is cold and hard, and there is a clattering of background noise from the three boys, who are playing football in the hall.  I'm reading quickly, but every minute or so, I zoom the red motorbike across the floor towards Coo, and make Little People walk around, or fall over.  She loves it and doesn't seem to notice the book in my hand.  Probably because she's used to it.  And she loves books herself.  If we don't follow our morning, post-naptime, and evening reading rituals, Coo always protests firmly.

I'm thinking of creating a proper reading corner, though.  A cosy one, with cushions and comfort.  We could also use it as a quiet thinking spot.  Oooh... inspiration!  A quiet thinking spot in our home would be quite a feat!

Tonight, my plans included letter writing to grandparents and the construction of a concise, organised poster detailing specific daily jobs for the miniature adults in our house.  However, after thirteen hours of non-stop activity with those very same miniature adults, I'm enjoying some unstructured time.  I've been playing with a soap calculator, trying to settle on a combination of soap ingredients that I'm happy with.  Now, I'm finally off to write some letters.  

And of course, start a new book. 

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