Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Use for Espresso Cups

So espresso cups are perfect for tiny hands.  She's drinking water, in case you were wondering.  She only drinks coffee out of my cup; she likes to polish off the dregs, you know, the tasty black silt leftover from a cafetiere-made coffee.  Whenever I open the mug cupboard, she sees her espresso cup and wants it.  "My!" she says.   I fill it with water and she sits in her chair having a drink from a mug, just like Mama.  But in her size. Which is, by the way, also perfect for hobbits and elvish children, in case you have those instead of a Coo.


  1. so so sweet! my little girl has her own espresso cup too and I can safely say I believe she is elvish in her own special way :)


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