Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Tree

Hello, Christmas Tree of 2010.  We've been waiting for you for a while.  I was so happy to be bringing you home today that I didn't mind having to carry your potted self through the library and shops, in spite of the fact that everyone was staring at me.  The boys have already named you.  I do apologise; they insisted on calling you after the greengrocer's we bought you from.  So, Nigel Povey, it's lovely having you to stay over the Christmas holiday.  We hope you enjoy the attention you will receive and the warmth and festivities; when January arrives you can retire to a peaceful plot in the garden. 


  1. auntie babs2:03 am

    Two of my favorite friends under the tree. They are growing up so quickly. I love you all!! Enjoy all your time together this year.

  2. Mom/Grammy2:06 pm

    Hi, Erin
    I wish I could be sitting with Eve, Judah, Sam, Ethan,you and Dan around 'Nigel Povey', enjoying a cup of tea and a visit right now. Then go outdoors and have a snowball fight or build another snowman with the four youngest Maleys!

  3. Thanks... they would love to have you here! The boys were reminiscing on Friday about the Christmas you spent here. They wanted to know when you were coming here again for Christmas. :)


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