Thursday, February 03, 2011

Still Reflecting

Churches are rarely communities.  
More often they are social machines that run smoothly for a while, break down, 
then are fixed so they run smoothly again or noisily chug along as best they can...
The path of the Spirit is so very different.  
It's narrower, steeper, and straighter than any other.  
It's a path travelled only by worshippers who celebrate their dependence on God and each other 
by turning their chairs toward a small community of friends and sticking with them,
 and who find the power of God's Spirit to make that community work.  


  1. The book by Crabb is quite a good book. I believer Larry was speaking very prophetically when he wrote the book. I especially liked the part where he states that our job is not to go around trying to "fix" everyone we meet but to simply love them.

  2. Ƞάϯέ4:14 am

    Great quote, Erin. "Becoming a True Spiritual Community" is a well written book. I am actually reading it right now.
    I don't think there can be genuine church until there is true spiritual community. The path Dr. Crabb talks about is dangerous because we have to become vulnerable, we have to open ourselves up to God and others. Acknowledging our dependence on others is a hard act, but a necessary one. Look at the life of Christ, from a baby to the very final day in the Garden of Gethsemane, He was dependent on others to some degree or another.
    Anyway, Great quote :)


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