Saturday, February 05, 2011

It was a Dark and Stormy Night

Outdoors, anyway.  

Safely inside, though, the howling wind was a perfect soothing backdrop for some cosy kitchen activity.

The cupcake creations are the obligatory Chocolate Fudge of the Nigella variety.  The icing lost half of its usual chocolate content as the people I'm making these for won't appreciate that added bitterness, being the sugar lovers that they are.

Musical accompaniment was provided by this brand-new album, which arrived in the post yesterday:

And the predictable refreshment was... of course, er:

Last but not least, I decided to have a look at my appearance minus my eyeglasses.  Coo broke them a few weeks ago, and I haven't yet sorted out an appointment to have an eye test, before I can order a replacement pair. 

Everyone else has grown accustomed to my glasses-less state, except for me.  I don't spend much time staring into mirrors at myself.  Last Sunday, I donned a pair of ancient, crooked glasses I found in a drawer; however, I'd only worn them for a few minutes when Mr J said, "Mum, can you please take those things off your face?"  Needless to say, I did.  I am certainly missing the ability to see well, though not completely impaired without them.  I struggled in a large shop last week, unable to read the unfamiliar signs.  The FSFC [Family's Safety First Consultant, Lefty] told me I shouldn't be the one to look after him and his brothers as they played at the park because "someone might try to steal us and you can't see."  Making an appointment on Monday, Lefty dear.

Leaving you with...

Rue Royale - Guide to an Escape @ Sunday Folk Club from LN on Vimeo.


  1. Those cupcakes look divine. Bliss.

    I am blind as a bat without my glasses. I used to wear contacts all the time, but then I got allergic to the extended wear, and decided my eyesight was more precious than my vanity (I think I look better without glasses) and I ditched the contacts (plus the daily wear are more expensive).

  2. I'm feeling more and more blind as the days pass! I have an idea about the style of frames I'd like but the difficulty will be trying to find them! I've never really tried contacts; they just seemed like a lot of fuss and glasses appear to be the easiest option.


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