Wednesday, February 09, 2011

To My Youngest Sis

I remember rocking you, a tiny curled up baby in a worn terry sleepsuit.  I whispered to you then about all the fun we would have as you grew older.  And we did.  I would costume you after The Others and I decided which part you were playing in whatever drama we were acting out. I plaited your abundant hair into intricate French braids as you sat, a stoical two-year-old dolly.  The Others and I searched high and low almost every single day for your precious "Dino", which always seemed to get lost right before we needed to leave the house.  You watched patiently from your high chair while I got lost in doughnut-making when I was really supposed to be babysitting you.  You knew even then that you would be the first to taste whatever I was concocting in the kitchen.  You spent so much time glued to my hip that I'm still trying to straighten it out today with the help of Pilates!

There's so much more I could write, but hopefully I'll be able to talk with you soon.  Happy nineteenth birthday to a sister whose birth I remember as if it were yesterday! 


  1. She has vivid memories of rides to town in your old red VW, you reading stories to her and her brother(the smell of coffee on your breath), a trip to Walmart with a cup of hot cocoa in the snack bar...a wonderful big sister.

  2. I remember those trips in the VW! Too bad I didn't keep it; she could have driven it. Still sad I sold it. :(


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