Friday, March 04, 2011


We're staying in London this weekend: Dan, Coo, and me.  I'm taking part in a three-day doula course and Dan and Coo are wandering around the wilds of London visiting exotic places like Hampstead Heath and Starbucks.

It's very quiet without the Boys and Mr J, who were left behind at Nanny's house.  Coo's lively nature, friendly chatter, and constant movement cannot even begin to compare to the thunderousness of our three boys.   It's given me the taste I never had of what it's like to have only one child!

The boys were being quite thunderous yesterday on a brief visit to our local art gallery.  We stood outdoors with our friends eating homemade cookies and the kids raced around, playing crazily and unstoppably in the sharp wind.  

Two distinguished-looking, middle-aged Sikh men walked past wearing smart black turbans.  Our town is very multi-cultural, particularly in the area where we live, so Mr J has seen turbaned Sikhs before. However, yesterday must have been different, somehow.  He really saw them.

He raced over to me, excited, and breathless from his continuous running.  "Mum! Mum!" he shouted.  "I've just seen TWO wise men!"


  1. I'm going to start wearing a turban to see if he calls me wise...

  2. He might. Knowing him, though, he might just ask you when you became a Sikh! :)


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