Monday, March 07, 2011


Birth physiology.  Wow.

I've just finished three days of information sessions for doulas, and my head is crammed so full that I think I might need to write an essay in order to process it more fully.  I spent a total of twenty-four hours cocooned in the sunny living room of a North London Jewish home with twenty other women from varied cultural backgrounds. We drank in the rare sunshine and soaked up words of wisdom, facts, and theories from two sages who have an extensive history of experience in the world of physiological birth and obstetrics.

I will blog about it in more detail at some point, but for now my brain needs a break!


  1. Oh my. This sounds fascinating!

  2. It was! Can't wait to tell you more. Working on another post. Soon... :)

  3. Anonymous5:31 pm

    looking forward to reading about the trip and the course!


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