Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On Japan

Ranging from prayerful to playful, since Friday's devastating natural disasters, we have been...
  • Praying for Japan, explaining the situation to the kids and inviting them to pray.  We've focused on lifting up the rescue efforts and the nuclear problem.  Mr J asked God last night to "never, ever let any more bad things happen in Japan.  Like tornadoes or earthquakes."
  • Looking at online clips of news videos from the tsunami and earthquake, and the damage done by both.
  • Learning about the cause of the tsunami, and the type of earthquake that Japan experienced.  I have also been explaining a lot about radioactivity!
  • Playing earthquake.  Not me.  The Boys and Mr J, of course.  I am the emergency services in the kitchen, or something like that!


  1. such a very sad situation and unfortunately something our children have to ponder about. The upside is the talking about it and praying about it creates very sympathetic and compassionate little people. Well done! You've inspired me to handle it the same way. Thank you! xo

  2. my friend (one of the groomsmen) is in Osaka and he felt the original earthquake from there (200-300 miles away!), and said it lasted for 20 minutes! he said on saturday morning they were getting aftershocks every 10 minutes...


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