Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's on the table?

Our soup pot was full again this past weekend with a spicy vegetable, black bean and tomato soup.  It was eaten for several meals, and just kept tasting yummier each time!

We ate potato salad with baked beans [or "trumping tackle", as all three boys now call them!] and a purple cabbage salad.  Also on the table were delicious enchiladas [recipe here, at the bottom of the page] filled with refried brown beans and cheese, eaten with spicy salsa verde and crunchy carrot sticks.  Last but not least was our beloved vegetable chilli and rice.

Finally, I am so excited because this week, after a long wait for a healthy domestic budgeting economy [I mean enough money], we invested in a juicer!  It's a cold press one, and we've called him Oscar.  Mostly because that was, er, already his name.  He's an Oscar VitalMax 900 single gear masticating juicer.  Can you tell I did my research?!

So our first juice this week was a blend of carrots, blood oranges, apples, and fresh ginger.  It had a beautiful pink-orange colour, and a tangy but smooth flavour, with a warming aftertaste from the ginger.  Coo and Mr J preferred it slightly watered down, but The Boys drank it happily as it was.  So did I.  This morning, in honour of St Patrick's Day, we enjoyed a rich, dark green juice of apples, spinach, lemons, and cucumber.  I'm wishing I could share photos of these beautifully coloured juices, but my camera is under the weather!

What was on your table this week?  
Leave me a comment with a description of a recent favourite meal - 
either one you cooked, ate out, or one that was cooked for you! 


  1. Y'know, I don't think I've ever used a juicer in my mom never had one and I know I never have. I think it could be a lot of fun, though! Enjoy!

  2. Melissa, it is a lot of fun... but it's addictive, too! Every day I look in the fridge picking out what fruit and veg to juice next!

  3. Anonymous12:19 am

    Oooh I think I will get mine out of the dusty cupboard!! I wound what juices Sarah has been enjoying? Xxx

  4. You the addiction gets too much when you're tryig to juice things that just shouldn't be juiced, like biscuits, mushrooms and eggs... My addiction got to a point of trying to juice orange juice... bad times...

    only kidding, never had a juioer, but would love one... not sure we're gonna have any room in the kitchen for one now though... my breadmaker is pretty big i think...

  5. Anonymous12:27 am

    Times have changed here. We were dumpster diving last night and came up with 4 cooked chickens, raw portobella mushrooms, numerous heads of old purple cabbage and leaf lettuce, pastries for dessert along with yogurt that was still in fair condition. Enough to feed quite a few with nothing invested except a bit of time rummaging for the stuff. So "what's on the table"? Whatever is in the dumpsta.

  6. Sounds good to me. ;)

  7. Anonymous8:33 am

    I'm so happy for the juicer! It has a great home! Also 20 year warranty on the motor sounds good! :)


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