Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's on the table?

We don't follow the Lenten calendar unless I'm feeling particularly inspired, but we always celebrate Shrove Tuesday with traditional pancakes!  How could we miss it?  Besides, in food shops here, there are displays devoted to ingredients for pancake day: sugar, lemon juice, flour, golden syrup, even frying pans.  Every time I walk past these shelves, I feel inspired.  

There's always a host of possibilities for incorporating pancakes into a meal, but this year I decided to make it a real pancake day and sample both English and American varieties.  For lunch, I cooked thin English pancakes [similar to crepes], spread a slight glaze of blood-orange marmalade [homemade by Nanny] down the middle, and rolled them up.  The Boys, Mr J, and Coo loved eating these.  We finished off our lunchtime with more substantial oatcakes and peanut butter, seeds and raisins, and a blood-orange/kiwi fruit smoothie.  Otherwise, I would have been cooking those thin pancake circles, rolling them up, and placing them on plates for hours before the kids would have felt full!  At tea, we enjoyed much more hearty American pancakes stacked high with maple syrup soaking between the layers.  I've put our recipe on my recipe page today.  You can use any combination of flours but this is our favourite at the moment.

What else have we eaten this week besides pancakes?  Our trip to London included a visit to Vitao, a vegetarian restaurant in Soho that serves a wide range of vegan and raw dishes.  It was yummy.  I can't even tell you what I ate as I wasn't processing anything after two full days of information overload; it was just delicious!  I enjoyed a fresh carrot and ginger juice, sharing it with Coo.

We've also eaten vegetable chilli with rice, and cheesy cauliflower and potato soup with crunchy rye toast and purple coleslaw.  Mmmmn!

What was on your table this week?  
Leave me a comment with a description of a recent favourite meal - 
either one you cooked, ate out, or one that was cooked for you! 


  1. American pancakes oozing maple syrup... sounds like perfection... I haven't had any this week due to furniture shopping on tuesday...

  2. Greg... check out my recipe link in this post and make Jen some American pancakes. She would love it! :)


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