Sunday, April 17, 2011

::Thirty Day Challenge:: Day 1

I've mentioned before how Dan and I enjoy going to live music gigs.  I'm not sure if I've also said how there's been an almost non-stop soundtrack to our life together since the beginning, nearly a decade ago.  From an iPod plugged into the stereo, to old-fashioned CDs and cassette tapes, to the radio, to Dan and others playing guitars and our boys beating on the drums or rattling away on other percussion instruments, there is a constant stream of musical sound in our home.

Our tastes could probably be termed bizarrely eclectic, spanning [to mention just a few] Family Force 5, Cecilia Bartoli, Mumford & Sons, Chopin, Ray LaMontagne, Rue Royale, Muse, and Jason Upton.

One of my best longtime buddies is Josie. I was inspired by the 30-Day Song Challenge that she's working her way through at the moment, and asked her if I could join in with her idea.  I'm so excited, as it's a great opportunity for me to get into the daily blogging groove, and share some of my favourite music!

So today, day one, is... your favourite song.

For me, this changes often.  At the moment, my favourite song is "White As Diamonds", sung by Alela Diane.

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