Monday, April 18, 2011

:: Thirty Day Song Challenge :: Day 2

For those of you who don't know yet, I'm taking part in a thirty-day song challenge.  Today, I'll be naming my least favourite song.

I'm going to get some grief for this one, I know, as I'm picking on an all-time English Christmas favourite since the 1970s.  But it's such an unavoidably irritating song.  I'm faced with it everywhere during the English festive season: the supermarket, the radio, friends' houses... this song plays in the background, unremittingly, with a relentless false cheer that makes me long to hear something from Handel's Messiah instead!  I have actually tried to like it.  I've tried to appreciate the sheer witty funniness of it.  I can't.  It's just too awful.  

Warning: ghastly song choice upcoming. White flares, platforms, hair.  It's 1974... really?! "Merry Christmas Everybody" from Slade.  


  1. You are well deserved in disliking (hating?) that song. I couldn't make it through the first ten seconds. But I heartily dislike just about any Christmas song that is not from the '50s or before. A 70s Christmas song is sacreligious in my book!

  2. My opinion exactly... I'm wondering if this is a cultural difference! :)

  3. Anonymous12:17 am

    No some of us hate it too!

  4. Ruth - glad it's not just us Americans! :)


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