Friday, April 29, 2011

:: Thirty Day Challenge :: Day 13

As we crowded underneath the bright white shelter of the Wycliffe tent at Cornerstone '99 during an afternoon show, the July sun beat down overhead with unbearable heat.  

The band who was playing, Madison Greene, wasn't scheduled; they'd been asked to play after being seen the day before jamming at their campsite.  They were incredible.  I had never heard any music like their energetic fusion of aggressive, acoustic sound with ethnic instruments.  

In the succeeding years, I continued to listen to them, but then I emigrated to the UK [with half a dozen Madison Greene press packs given to my by someone's mom from the band] and ended up sheepishly packing away quite a bit of my less sophisticated music. Fortunately, after a few years, I was able to get over myself and admit that I really like bands like Madison Greene, who, in the intervening time since Cornerstone '99 and now, have split up. 

Madison Greene's talented violinist, Erin Zindle, who sang incredibly well while playing her violin, can now be seen in the Ragbirds.

Of course, we couldn't talk about lesser known, ethnically influenced music without mentioning the Psalters.  

If you know the link between these three bands, explain in the comments. 

If you don't, well... You could guess, or maybe someone you know does and will ease your curiosity by telling you!

Day 13 was meant to be a song that is a guilty pleasure, but I couldn't think of any that fit that label for me.  Instead, I’m just chatting about the Ragbirds and the Psalters.  

Ethnic folk music lover... that's me.  No guilt here!

And yes, I know I missed yesterday's song challenge post.  Day 12 was meant to be a song from a band you hate.  You know what, I don't know any.  Because I don't listen to bands I hate.  Go figure.

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