Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who's Watching the Wedding?

This was going to be my usual Thursday food post, but I'm interrupting the regular scheme of things to comment on the Royal Wedding extravaganza.

I've just spent a few minutes on the BBC news website, watching video clips of the people already camping out with tents, sleeping bags, and folding chairs so as to be in a prime viewing spot when the royal processions to Westminster Abbey start tomorrow.  Many are Americans.  Some of the watchers have been in the same spot for the last three royal weddings.

I particularly enjoyed a video reporting on a political mood box that was dusted down and set up in a royal park in Richmond, west London.  Participants voted by chucking plastic balls into "Watching" or "Not Watching" boxes.  The presenter asked passers-by for more information after they'd voted.  A group of girls responded that of course they'd be watching; a guy on a bike said he wasn't fussed as it was just a wedding - "It's not really that important, is it... actually, don't tell my girlfriend I said that!"; an elderly man replied that he wouldn't as he had work to do in the garden.  Two Australian women said they'd won a trip to London for the wedding day, so of course they would.  A woman said she'd watch the wedding though "it should be me up there marrying Prince William, not her!"

And from a mid-thirties man: "I think it's a bit of a PR stunt to get everyone's mind off financial matters." There's nothing like a cheerful dose of British cynicism to remind us all that there's no point in ever celebrating anything wonderful in life because of a) recession, b) war, c) death, or d) all of the above.

Forget about money for ONCE and just have some fun!

We'll be spending tomorrow with a group of friends, games on hand in case of rain, plenty of yummy food, and the television on to watch the big day.  I'm making a chocolate marmalade cake - very dark with all the Green and Black's 85% bars it contains!

The potential of this royal romance in livening up the nation and helping us all feel a bit more cheerful, for a change, does tread a fine balance.  I'm trying to ignore a shadow of worry that has been stalking me for the last few weeks and I admit that I'll be happier tomorrow evening after the wedding celebration has taken place calmly, as planned.


  1. Here's hoping there will be no excitement for the wedding - i.e. visit from the IRA or any others.

    I confess, I am a sucker for the royal wedding stuff, though with the Internet, it is all OVER the place. When Diana and Charles got married, I got up early to watch it. But there wasn't near the coverage of that wedding as the one today. I do think, however, that Kate and Wills have a true love match, and I wish them much happiness.

  2. I bought Coo some Kate & William paper dolls; I'll put them away for when she's old enough to appreciate them!

    I'm not a huge fan of the Royals but I think they have a tremendous amount of world-wide diplomatic influence. It would be nice if we didn't have to pay so much to keep them comfortable, but looking at it logically I can't say I envy them their public lifestyle.


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