Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Right Now

I am...

Drinking a cup of very strong morning coffee.  Organic, half Swiss-decaf beans and half real beans from Honduras.  Slightly chocolaty tinge in the first sip with a caramel aftertaste.

Sitting in peace while Coo has a little breastfeeding session.  

Listening to the sounds of Lego play from upstairs.  [in an unmistakeable American accent] "Get in the car!  Reed, get in the car!  We're gonna get killed! There's an F5 heading straight towards us!" The Boys and Mr J have been watching Stormchasers: Season Three.  A big thank you to our good friends for loaning us these DVDs recently. No, really! It's diverted their attention away from football for a while and influenced a new obsession.  Now all three want to be meteorologists and tornado chasers.

Thinking about how I could be putting away the co-op order that arrived early this morning.  Boxes and bags of food line our hallway and the mess spills over into the kitchen.  Our house is pocket-sized, so this is not something we can live with for days on end.  The task of fitting nine weeks' worth of store-cupboard food into our tiny under-the-stairs cupboard always seems insurmountable. But... for the last few years, we've received a delivery from our co-op every couple of months, and each time it manages to find its way into the cupboard in the end, in reasonable order.  Even when the delivery arrived on Coo's birth day.  

Planning meals... get-togethers with friends... social gatherings... 

Thankful that right now, I can enjoy this quiet moment with my coffee and a peaceful Coo.


  1. Peaceful moments are sometimes hard to come by - I imagine they're quite rare in your abode with all the young 'uns running around! :-)

  2. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Ah lovely, I was exploring new coffee this morning too, sounds like s wonderful pocket of peacefulness, sometimes I miss those nursing moments!


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