Monday, July 04, 2011

Old and New

The Old is from Freedom Slings.  I loved this one and so did she.  I even embroidered her name inside it.

Below, Tiny Coo in July 2009.  Her face is right behind my hand!  [I don't know why we're posing out in the woods here like creepy tourists, honestly.]

And here she is in December 2010, slightly larger but still in the same sling.

As much as we -both she and I- love the Old, it was time for the New.  Miss Coo is getting heavier, and I couldn't find a comfortable way to use the Old in the back carry position.  

So after quite a lot of research and consulting with other mamas, I settled on the New: a Babyhawk Mei Tai.  I love it.  It's perfectly shaped for carrying her on my back, and the fabric is beautiful.  It's still light enough to wrap into a small bundle and slip into my bag for quick and easy use while we're out.

However, she is not amused.  I give her a choice of the two before we go out, and she picks the Old every time

What's a mama to do?  

Keep trying!

So I did.

She came around eventually.

She still likes the Old but more often, now, we will be seen with the New!

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