Friday, July 15, 2011


  • Vinegary lavender smell of freshly cleaned downstairs bathroom.  Not thinking about the upstairs one just yet!
  • Sixty CDs boxed up waiting to be given away, in these first few days of our 30 Days of Clutter Bootcamp endeavour.  This was half of what we previously owned.  Books and music - that's about the sum of most of our possessions.  Fortunately, this is set to change!
  • Noticing raw chocolate buttons in the "new products" section of my co-op book.  Typing them into my order.  Mmmm... can't wait! [why raw chocolate?]
  • Finishing said order in time for the weekend, which is [surprise!] going to be busy.
  • Brand-new cotton and bamboo blend yarn in moss green, damson purple, and golden yellow.  Knitting dishcloths, which is rather mundane, I know, but I cannot wait to start, especially with such beautiful colours and silky yarn. 
  • Fighting off a cold, which is not a treat. Drinking a glassful of antioxidant rich, fresh purple juice right before bed is!  This was beetroot, red cabbage, cucumber, carrot, and apple, with a handful of blended blueberries added.
  • Looking forward to the prospect of spending half of tomorrow with no other kids but my Coo, on a girls afternoon out.
  • Going to bed before 11pm!


  1. Anonymous9:43 am

    In love them all, especially your afternoon out with Coo, where will you go and what will you do?! Juice sounds great, I'm sure that cold will disappear really quickly with a visit from all purple goodness. The wool sounds wonderful, dishcloths?? Is this a new industry ides? Must get the recipe from your household cleaner, I am finding that chemicals are making me feel wheezy, not good!

  2. We went out to a National Trust property with all the women from church - so fun! Enjoyed including Coo. Knitting dishcloths to sell as a fundraiser for a friend. I use Bio-D multi-purpose cleaner, Ecover toilet cleaner, and homemade cleaning spray, recipe here:

  3. Summer colds are the worst. Hope you got rid of it!


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