Thursday, July 21, 2011

Books, Again

This year, we're ordering our new learning books on time.  We will not receive them in the middle of September as usual, but at the end of August.  Hooray for the Mama becoming more organised!

[geek alert] I will read Story of the World Volume 3  all by myself before September because I love history.

Thinking about this year, the most daunting prospect has been to figure out how to accrue enough books for our older ones to read. In the last twelve months, Lefty read heavyweights like the Lord of the Rings trilogy and still ended up ploughing through a total of fourteen books.  Righty managed twelve, and that's not even counting all the incessant Beano reading, and the more recent Calvin and Hobbes.  

The desire to stop acquiring new stuff is bringing about a big change in our lives.  As self-confessed book hoarders, we have miraculously managed to set aside around twenty books for giving away.    However, our local library is not up to the challenge of providing even basic quality literature for children.  King Tut and His Golden Toilet?! Uh, no thanks. So yet again, I am enticed onto Amazon -yes, I know they killed off all the small-time book shops but I've never had the privilege of one of those nearby anyway, sadly- and end up buying more books.

And once a book is in our home, it becomes our beloved friend. We hold it, enjoy the scent of new pages, follow the words, and love it.

Ridding ourselves of our friend after reading it seems almost morally wrong.  So onto the shelf slides yet another book to add to our collection.  

Suddenly, it seems like a viable option to encourage the kids to save pocket money for their very own Kindle. Yes, I really did say that!


  1. Even if I do end up getting a Kindle someday, I will still buy books - probably many more "real" ones asopposed to ebooks. I just love them. I love them in my house and in my hands. Nothing like it!

  2. Almost anytime I have donated or sold a book in a yard sale or something I have regretted it! Book are indeed friends :)


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