Thursday, August 04, 2011


August is sale month, both online and in reality.  It's time to think about purchasing some of those items I've kept an eye on for months, and in some cases, years.  

We don't buy often, so when we do, we choose good-quality items that will last for a while.  Yeah, we're not very style-conscious, but that's us; take it or leave it! 

Our Howies order arrived yesterday... a shirt for Dan, leggings and skirt for me.  All were sale items, at incredibly reasonable prices given their original cost. The skirt I've liked ever since it first appeared in their clothing line-up about two years ago.  However, I was definitely not prepared -or able- to pay full price.  If you click on the link you'll see the difference.

After I'd opened the package and had a look at our purchases, my next thought was that I needed to get online and leave feedback.

Ah well.  Etsy and eBay... what can I say?!  Recent random Etsy purchases include flower seeds and a laptop case.  Meanwhile, I've been relying on eBay for knitting supplies and new lip balms, after Coo ate all my Burts Bees!  

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