Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thankful 4

I'm thankful for so much, this week.  Simple but beautiful things, like a few firsts.

For freshly baked cookies, tiny ones, gracing the table at a little girls' tea party; Coo's first ever.  She learned how to pass the cookies round, offering one to everyone at the table, while I poured steaming tea from the teapot into cups.  We munched cookies and drank milky tea [black coffee for me].  The sugar bowl eventually had to be hidden, as it was in highly disproportionate demand when compared to the amount of actual tea being consumed!

For Righty's first journal writing session without stress.  We sat together and worked on a plan for his writing, and the stress left him.  This creative boy needs a plan to help his thoughts flow!  Who knew.

For clean kitchen cupboards.  It's not actually the first time they've ever been cleaned.  Truthfully.  Possibly the second?  

For the Grammy who cleansed them of their years of grime.  She stays busy all day at my house, cleaning and scrubbing and washing.  In between all that she reads to Coo, plays innumerable games with all three boys, and takes them out for runs in the chill November air so they'll be tired at bedtime.  No, you can't have her!

For the continual loosening of the hold that material things have had on my life.  Every day I find myself realising that my stuff just doesn't matter quite so much any more.  Reminders come in the form of breakages, misplacements, actual losses, and just plain forgetfulness.  I love it when, unexpectedly, I find something I don't need that can be dropped into the charity shop bag.  

For the people who have taken the place of that stuff.  The people who were responsible for breaking or losing my things are so much more important than whatever they broke or lost, or forgot to return.

I'm tired now, so I'll end before this turns into rambling.  

I'm thankful for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

See?  I told you this would be a simple one!

[Thankful posts inspired by Journey Mama]


  1. Blogs should have "like" buttons.

  2. I want to know how you planned it out with Righty! My oldest gets stressed out about journal writing too.


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