Thursday, December 15, 2011

Advent Activity 3: Gingerbread House

This was one of the Advent activities that I've personally been looking forward to the most!

It lived up to all expectations on my part: fun, messy, sugary, and generally quite satisfying.  

I baked the gingerbread pieces for the house last week, which was convenient, as they came out of the freezer this morning and after an hour or so, were defrosted enough to use.  Because they were still partially frozen, the icing glued it all together well and we didn't have any problems with the pieces cracking or breaking as the house was assembled.  I didn't scrimp on the icing, which ended up all over  our hands, faces, the table, etc.

The boys were pleased with their final touch: a broken candy cane chimney.

Coo mostly ate decorations, so she was full of energy and ready to pose for the camera! 

The constant question on their lips now is, "When can we eat it?!"

When, indeed.  Let's see how long this house lasts...

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