Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fun Stuff

I had so much fun making this Gingerbread Playdough.  It smells deliciously spicy and almost edible, until I remind myself how much salt went into the dough!  Packed into clean peanut butter jars, with ribbons and tin gingerbread man cutters, these are all ready to be given away as Christmas gifts.  [In the background of the photo at the top you can see another completed sewing project: a string of one-sided Christmassy bunting.  Simple as: hemmed triangles sewn onto a doubled over piece of bias tape, with ribbon loops at the ends.]


  1. Erin- I was sooo excited to read this post. I can't wait to make this for the kiddles in my life and give as gifts. Unique and from the heart. Sooo excited, thank you!xo

  2. And we were one of the lucky recipients! Thankyou it smells really yummy and so delightful to get playdough gift wrapped so sweetly - I love your handwriting by the way Erin! Love, Jenni x

  3. Thanks, Glynis and Jen. Have a look at the other cookie recipes and ideas on the blog the playdough recipe is from - some amazing stuff on there! :)


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