Thursday, December 01, 2011

December Creating

Bunting.  Lots and lots of bunting.  Or flags, maybe... whatever you want to call them.  Some of my sewing projects are complete; quite a few are not!
[that's Mr J's birthday sign for his Paddington Bear above the bunting]  

Righty's Tintin paper dolls.  The boys and Mr J haven't seen the movie yet.  But when they do, it will certainly push the Tintin obsession in this house into drastically high levels.  Tintin library books are scattered everywhere, and Mr J's Tintin drawings are piling up on his bed, the kitchen table, and the floor.

Today, Coo and I filled our Winter Books basket.  It's full of well-loved books old and new.  Three upcoming Advent Box drawers will contain a slip of paper promising a new book surprise slipped into this basket.

There's a lot more yet to do!  I'm praying for good health for all of us this year, after two past Decembers full of illness.  


  1. I loved reading both of your blogs this morning! How interesting about the latitude of York!!! Ha ha..
    Please tell the boys I LOVE TINTIN!!!!
    Snowy and Captain Haddock!
    The yuletide wintery evenings sound so romantic...It's very sunny here, crisp but sunny. Our tree is an extension of the outside... inside.

  2. Thank you... Love reading yours too! :)

    We are going to watch Tintin next Saturday - the boys don't know yet - it's one of our Advent treats. :)


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